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Monday Sports Blog: Van der Merwe’s impact as Athletics Director

First impressions can tell you a lot about an individual. I remember meeting Derek van der Merwe soon after he was named the 12th Athletics director in APSU history. It wasn’t a long conversation, and it might not have dealt with sports, but I could tell from that conversation how ...

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Taylor Swift among others buying .porn suffixes

NEW YORK  — The singer Taylor Swift, Microsoft Corp. and Harvard University are among those buying up .porn and .adult Web suffixes as a pre-emptive move before those domain names become available this summer. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is making Internet address suffixes beyond ...

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Nerdy for newbies: video games

Ah, we’re back to video games. This is one of my favorite topics — right up there with ancient Greece, bacon and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Anyone who’s ever held the title “hardcore gamer” knows it’s not just a hobby: It’s a lifestyle. As such, this topic is pretty sensitive ...

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Don’t let insecurity prevent you from working out

People need to stop being afraid of going to the gym because they think members who are already in shape will judge them. Many students worry they will gain unhealthy weight during their time at APSU; however, some are too embarrassed to work out at the Foy Fitness and Recreation ...

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APSU professor cleared of domestic assault charge

Professor in the college of Education, Thomas Buttery has been cleared of the single charge of domestic assault from Friday, Jan. 23. Buttery was originally arrested Friday, Jan. 23, by Clarksville Police Officer Thomas Biele. He was cleared of the charges during his trial on Tuesday, Feb. 24. Buttery was refunded his ...

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APSU talent show fills Clement Auditorium

On Tuesday, March 3, students gathered in the Clement Auditorium to cheer for their favorite acts in the APSU talent show, hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Spoken Peayce. Acts ranged from slam poetry to breakdancing, but it was an original song composed by Elizabeth Patterson that won over ...

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