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Review of Clarksville’s new boutique, Southern Bliss

>>By Emily DeSpain, Staff Writer APSU has acquired its own little slice of fashion; Southern Bliss Boutique opened its doors on Saturday, March 1. On the edge of campus, behind the Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Southern Bliss is in a remodeled house with a porch that begs to be sat on ...

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Inked: Student represents family, life through tattoo art

>>By Sabrina Nicole Hamilton, Staff Writer For our second APSU tattoo feature, we spoke to sophomore art major Andrea Bender. Bender has only one tattoo, but it’s a significant work of art with a meaning to Bender beyond its central image. On the inside of her right wrist, Andrea bears ...

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Captain America’ zippy but hollow

JAKE COYLE, AP Film Writer   NEW YORK (AP) — For the latest Marvel release, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” most fan boys might prefer a Consumer Reports-style product review. New character introductions: Smooth. Action sequences: Excellent if sometimes lacking finesse. Viewer satisfaction: Likely high. Box-office prospects: Bankable. Teasers for ...

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David Letterman set to step down

NEW YORK (AP) — David Letterman’s departure from the late-night realm won’t just end an unmatched run on television. It also will close the book on an era reaching almost to the birth of TV. During a taping of Thursday’s edition of “Late Show,” Letterman startled his audience with the ...

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Cheating in relationships: Is it worth it?

>>By Emily DeSpain, Guest Writer We’re in a generation that makes its own rules. The white picket fence dream is no longer what people strive for, but have we gone too far and thrown all relationships out the window? Does this mean absolutely everything is acceptable, even cheating? According to ...

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Welcome to the Sex-tion

Hey there fellow Govs. Welcome to my blog, a place where your fantasies become reality, your questions answered and your horror stories heard. Join me on a journey through the world of sex: the awkward encounters, the passionate nights and the things no one wants to admit to thinking about. ...

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