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Shelby Watson

Shelby Watson is a Studio Art major at APSU. She has been working for The All State since 2014 and won 3rd Best Photographer In The South at the 2016 Southeastern Journalism Conference. Shelby spends her time playing video games, watching movies and reading your comments on her Sonic the Hedgehog article.

In harm’s way

PTSD's presence on campus threatens students' well-being. APSU could do more to educate people on the causes and effects of PTSD for the benefit of the many students affected by PTSD on campus.

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LGeekBT: SheZow- Good, Or Bad?

A bright, shiny new section awaits here on Games, Galaxies and Other Geekery. I wanted to write about the LGBT community in the world of geek, celebrating where it’s included and talking about where it could come in more. We’re going to kick off this new series, LGeekBT, by talking ...

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2016 in Games

2015 was an amazing year for video games, which is going to make the game industry have a lot to live up to this new year. An insane amount of new releases this year challenged what it means to be a good game, and the market now expects more for ...

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Gift of Geek

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and for many this means it’s time to start considering what presents to get. For those of you who aren’t geek-inclined, picking out a gift that will satisfy your nerd-and-proud friends can be challenging. With so much geeky giftery on the ...

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I sure talk about video games a lot on this blog, don’t I? This week I had planned on writing about something else to break the monotony, but then Undertale happened. The gaming community has welcomed Toby Fox’s new indie computer game with open arms, and the Internet is taking ...

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