Chief Justice Will Roberts was elected as the new Student Government Association president at the ratification ceremony on Thursday, April 2.

Student involvement in SGA elections was up from previous years, with 1,079 total votes cast. Student participation has not exceeded 1,000 votes since 2012, when 1,726 votes were cast. The 2015 elections saw more student involvement than four of the last six years, with 999 votes in 2009, 1,304 votes in 2010, 874 votes in 2011, 1,726 votes in 2012, 683 votes in 2013 and 782 votes in 2014.

Roberts ran unopposed in the 2015 election for SGA president, though 21 additional candidates appeared as write-ins in the election results. Roberts won with 836 of the 872 eligible votes.

Ankit Patel was elected Roberts’ vice president with 422 of the 961 eligible votes.

Faith Merriweather was elected executive secretary with 544 of the 945 eligible votes.

Frank Burns was elected sophomore senator with 653 of the 857 eligible votes.

Artrice Pray was elected junior senator with 284 of the 896 eligible votes.

Dominik Shannon was elected senior senator with 389 of the 928 eligible votes.

In the College of Science and Mathematics, Dominic Critchlow, Dylan Kellogg and Peter Ponce were elected senators with 430, 362 and 305 votes, respectively.

In the College of Education, Zach Puckett, Lydia Bullock and Jay Alvarez were elected senators with 481, 458 and 427 votes, respectively.

In the College of Business, Darrin Jones, Trey Norman and Evelyn Wingett were elected senators with 778, 31 and 22 votes, respectively.

In the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, Blaine Gundersen, Glenna Beaty and Mark Brown were elected senators with 394, 377 and 364 votes, respectively.

In the College of Arts and Letters, Ari Ruiz, Jonathan Johnson and Brittany Meyer were elected senators with 482, 462 and 380 votes, respectively.