This map of the middle Tennessee area shows areas under an enhanced severe weather forecast for Tuesday, April 2. Graphic provided by the National Weather Service Nashville forecast office. | THE ALL STATE

The Nashville forecast office of the National Weather Service (NWS) has announced that severe thunderstorms are expected Tuesday morning and afternoon. The main concern is strong winds, but lightning, moderate hail, and some tornadoes are possible.

The storms are expected to develop across West Tennessee on the morning of Tuesday, April 2 before spreading eastward in the late morning and afternoon.

Clarksville is within a zone the NWS describes as having an enhanced risk of wind, tornadoes and hail with a significant risk of lightning.

The NWS defines an enhanced risk of wind as a 30-45% chance of 58 mph or greater winds occurring within 25 miles of a location. An enhanced risk of tornadoes is defined as a 10-15% chance of tornadoes within 25 miles, and an enhanced risk of hail entails a 30-45% chance of hail 1 inch or larger in the same area.

The NWS has advised that residents tie down or move anything that gusts of 60 mph wind might blow away, prepare safe places for themselves and their families, keep an emergency kit nearby, and keep an eye on Tuesday’s forecast as it updates.