Greek life is a prominent feature on campus. Many people choose to join a fraternity or sorority, ranging from Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council or National Panhellenic Council. While some say that Greek life is just a popularity contest or a way to buy your friends, many others believe that it is a rewarding organization to enhance your college experience. What do you think about Greek life?


“Don’t knock it until you try it, all you’re seeing is from the outside, you don’t know everything that we do.”

Christian Player, psychology, sophomore, AGD member.


“Greek life can be good for networking, a great opportunity to meet new people, and get involved, but just like anything, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It may not be for everyone.”

Juan Escobales, criminal justice, sophomore


“I wouldn’t consider Greek Life organizations popularity contests. I’ve considered going Greek in the past, but it can be a little expensive.”

Jayme Christnas, radiology, sophomore