The bond adults build when in a sisterhood or brotherhood is one that non-Greek students will ever understand. How many of these people are going to be forced to set aside these one in a kind friendship at the end of the year?

Greek life may be coming to an end following a bill that plans to ban fraternities and sororities at Tennessee’s colleges and universities.

The bill is a concern for fraternities and sororities who are physically hazing students into chapters such as reports from headquarters of Sigma Chi’s UT Knoxville chapter in late 2016 who “Physically, mentally and emotionally harassed/hazed” according to the Tennessean.

Public universities all around Tennessee would be affected by the ban on Greek life. APSU has 23 fraternities and sororities across three councils that vary in size and organization. Within these they have 750 recognized members, which make up 8 percent of the student population.

Many of these 750 students use the Greek life as a family away from home.

Greek life, like many experiences, is something you are unable to judge the many on by just looking at a few. With everything in life something is going to get out of hand. This is not the time to ban a lifestyle that has done amazing things in their communities.

APSU Greek life is built upon some of the brightest students who brought in 4,859 total service hours and who hold a 3.00 all Greek GPA according to the APSU website.

By no longer having a Greek life community, they are not banning a group that celebrates partying, but a group that “encourages students to uphold and support the values of their organization through a supportive educational environment that promotes an appreciation of diversity while emphasizing intellectual and personal development,” as stated in the APSU Fraternity and Sorority Affairs mission statement as found on the university’s web site.

According to “many stereotypes and mythologies abound, most having to do with the ‘animal house’ image of frats or the ‘southern belle’ reputation of sororities.” It is easy to fall into the mindset that these hold true with facts but in reality, these are only myths.