» By David Harris

Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 1, Pi Kappa Alpha reintroduced themselves to APSU with the event “Meet the PIKES.”

The purpose of the event was to give students a chance to see the returning fraternity’s mission and goals. Attendees met administrators and alumni of Pi Kappa Alpha.

During the event, new recruitments came to be recognized. Pi Kappa Alpha uses the acronym “SLAG” to describe recruits, which stands for “scholars, leaders, athletes and gentlemen.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, Expansion Consultant Jerod Williams explained how the chapter was growing.

“Hank [Walden] and I are finishing strong,” Williams said. “As of right now, we are at 33 men and should be close to 40 by the week’s end. The men also have a great future for next semester with a handful of men in the surrounding Clarksville high schools already interested.”

Several new members voiced excitement for being accepted into the returning fraternity.

“I’m glad to be a part of PIKE,” said sophomore communications major Preston Bostain. “We’re going to do wonderful things on campus. I’m glad to be here at APSU, and I’m glad to be part of Pi Kappa Alpha.”

Some PIKE alumni said they are pleased to see the chapter back on APSU, including Martin Livingston.

“It’s great to see them back on campus again after five years,” Livingston said. “I think they are going to do good things on campus. Being a founding member of the chapter, I am glad to see them back.”

The ceremony ended with Willliams and Walden reflecting on their experiences with PIKE.  Both consultants said they are glad to have been involved with the fraternity and hope new members have good experiences as they did. TAS