Ashley Birnbaum and JJ Gibson of APSU Theatre and Dance Dept. in New Brain musical Photo by Chalise Miller | The All State

On Sunday, the Theatre and Dance Department of Austin Peay State University presented their last musical of the year, New Brain, in the Trahern theater. 

Each year, the students of the theatre-dance department work hard to not only highlight their amazing talents, but also get the message they want to present across.

New Brain first hit Broadway in 1998, but these students put their own spin to the musical, and they executed the idea perfectly.

The musical was not only inclusive, but each student really lived in their character, and the audience could see this by how each person captured the real and raw emotions of each other. The cast literally brought the audience to tears.

However, this raw talent can sadly be overlooked without more support from the Austin Peay State University community.

“They put on great musicals and plays. I have come to a few of their events, and they never disappoint, but they do not get a lot of support,” said Ciera Taylor, a senior political science major. 

Tickets for musicals can be awfully expensive, but at Austin Peay the tickets to see students perform are only $10 for a community member of APSU, and $15 for a non-APSU community member.

My advice: do not overlook the talent right here at Austin Peay State University.
These students do it all. They are dressers, singers, choreographers, instrumentalists, directors, and diligent workers.

Do not let their hard work and talent be in vain.