Mugshot of Myleah Gallagher, SGA senator.

-Staff Report

The first two resolutions of the semester were presented at the last Student Government Association meeting on Wednesday Oct. 3. Senator Myleah Gallagher proposed both resolutions.

Resolution one proposed an update of the library to meet American Disability Association such as lower counters for printers to better serve the disabled.
“The height of the circulation desk is out of the average reaching range students with physical disabilities reliant of wheelchairs for mobility, which is nine inches less than that of person without a mobility disability,” said the proposal for Resolution one.

Resolution two proposed to provide a recycling site for cell phone and rechargeable batteries.
“Recycled batteries and electronics can produce other materials saving non-renewable resources,” said Resolution two.

Jesse Brewer, SGA president also talked about the possibility of purchasing a new iPad for the purpose of conducting more surveys.
Some ideas for surveys were to get feedback for putting a Redbox on campus and extending the library hours.

Brewer also discussed adding an SGA tab on the APSU phone/tablet application.
The tab would potentially allow voting, a comment box and access to contact information for SGA members.
Among other things discussed at the meeting was SGA wanting to see if APSU Public Relations could brand SGA and create a logo. “Toilet Time” was also discussed as an idea, which are plastic advertising holders on the inside of bathroom stall doors.

The Online SGA department committee discussed D2L aesthetic changes and dropdowns for classes.