At the last SGA meeting Associate VP and Chief Information Officer Judy Molnar showcased a work-in-progress redesign of the APSU OneStop page. The meeting also featured Chief Operations Officer David Davenport speaking to the body about last semester’s “noose situation” and diversity on campus.

The meeting began with Molnar showing SGA members a prototype version of the new APSU OneStop page, set to debut early 2017. The new design features a simplified look without tabs or large newsfeeds. Instead, the page will feature large red icons for D2L and email on a white backdrop.

Molnar brought the redesign to SGA to ask for their feedback and to ensure all necessary links and features were present.

Executive Secretary Blaine Gundersen asked Molnar whether or not students would be able to customize their OneStop layout.

“What if you made it customizable for every student who could log on?” Gundersen asked. “That is what our world is becoming.”

Although complete customization of the page may not be available day one, students will have the ability to “favorite” some links and hide others to have some degree of personalization. Later phases of the new page may feature full customization, according to Molnar.

“We can personalize how we want things…phase one (of the redesign) might not have that, but that is something we understand and are hearing,” said Molnar.

Molnar also said the multiple usernames and passwords currently in place for students are obsolete. A new system being put in place will require one username and one password for students to access email, D2L, APSU’s Wi-Fi and OneStop.

The new password and username system is set to debut at the end of October.

Davenport then took the floor to “try to bring closure to the noose situation,” he said, referring to the rainbow colored nooses hung around campus last spring. Davenport asked for feedback regarding the university’s response to the incident, and said “discrimination isn’t dead.”

Davenport received positive feedback from the senators about the swiftness of APSU’s response and the clearness of their message. He also said “President Alisa White wants to make sure that our campus is safe and everyone is comfortable.”

He said students could talk to him or email him directly to notify him of any situation which may make students feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Students can reach Davenport at and phone at 931-221-7564.

Honea announced the implementation of a texting service for SGA members to be set in place soon to improve communication among senators and the council.

Currently, members rely on communication via the SGA Facebook page or individual calls and texts. The new system will allow senators to receive messages from Executive Council members, and vice versa, but only council members can send mass messages.

Sen. Rebecca Jacks introduced Resolution No.1 to the body. The resolution calls for a crosswalk on Marion Street between the Burt School parking lot and the Kimbrough/MMC buildings.

The SGA will sponsor the annual G.H.O.S.T. (Great Halloween Options for Safe Trick or Treating) event which provides a safe option for children to go trick or treating on campus. The event was originally meant for the children of students, faculty and staff, but has grown to include the local community.

Campus organizations will face paint, hand out candy and books at the event on Oct. 30, in Fortera Stadium.