Well, well, well. We have now crowned a new football champion. The deflating New England Patriots made sure they were ready for the Super Bowl matchup with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Patriots had tons of deflating scandals to worry about this past week, and they wanted to win this game for themselves to prove everybody wrong.

The first half was slow with some good plays here and there until the final minutes, when the Patriots scored and left Seahawks the ball with little time.

Russell Wilson and company knew they needed to tie the game going into halftime, and sure enough, that’s what they accomplished with an 11-yard touchdown pass with two seconds left to go into the third quarter. Then it was all Seahawks, who scored 10 unanswered points after the shaky halftime performance from Katy Perry, which was most likely in the Patriots’ heads all third quarter.

Once the third quarter was out of the way, the Pats focused on the game.

The fourth quarter was all Patriots, who scored 14 unanswered points to beat the Seattle Seahawks.

Undrafted rookie free agent Michael Butler intercepted a pass at the goal line that allowed the Patriots to finish in victory formation.

This was a crucial play call for the Seahawks, as you might think they would opt to use Beast Mode (aka Marshawn Lynch) at the Patriots’ one yard line. But instead, they threw a huge interception that cost them not only the game, but also some hefty rings and a trip to Disney World.

After this Super Bowl win for the Patriots, the only thing left to figure out is what the NFL is going to do about the “deflate gate” scandal. I believe someone in the organization knew about the deflated balls, the main culprit possibly being Mr. Super Bowl MVP himself: Tom Brady.

Many things have been speculated about the punishment the Patriots may receive, which should be if not the whole draft class, at least some draft picks. So as the Patriots are enjoying this Super Bowl victory, they need to focus on what might happen to some of the faces in their organization after being caught cheating for the second time.

Congrats to both the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks on a well-played game that went down to the last minute.