By: Steven Prescott

President of the College Republicans Taylar Scott asked senators to introduce legislation requesting APSU remove pepper spray as a Code of Conduct violation at the SGA meeting on Nov. 1.

Last year, SGA passed legislation to request pepper spray be allowed by the Student Code, however that request was rejected by APSU.

“To the extent that I am aware, it can subdue an attacker without being classified as a dangerous weapon,” freshman senator Lane Manley said.

He is considering sponsoring the club’s legislation.

Other universities, like The University of Tennessee for example, allow mace on some of their campuses. The proposal this year may have more weight since APSU is now governed by the new Board of Trustees.

Vice President Jordan Reedy announced that Senator Jonathan Bunton from the College of Science and Mathematics issued his resignation.

His decision has opened up a senate position and Reedy urged senators to encourage qualified applicants to apply on SGA’s website.

The decision comes after Senator Bunton previously cited concerns about the overall role of the organization and the effectiveness of its legislative progress for APSU.

SGA’s Student Tribunal rejected Act No. 2, which passed in a prior meeting and requires committees to handle SGA’s biggest  sponsored events, like G.H.O.S.T. and Mudbowl.

Senators revised the legislation to specify that each Major Event Committee would consist of one third of the Senate and one third of the Tribunal. Senator Gabriel Spring motioned to adopt the revised version of Act No.2, which passed.

SGA Chief Justice Waqas Ahmed indicated during the meeting that this change would address the tribunal’s only issue with the legislation.

Reedy announced that there are now two senator slots open in the College of Graduate Studies, one open slot in the College of Science and Mathematics  and one slot open in the College of Education.

There was no new business introduced for discussion next week.

SGA formally meets every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in the Morgan University Center Room 307. Meetings are open to the public. More information about SGA can be found at