Steven Prescott | Staff Writer

SGA completed their first weekly meeting of the month. Three resolutions were discussed in the session and two passed with little debate on Oct. 4.

A letter will be sent to the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center requesting they purchase ENOs, a popular brand of hammocks.

The second resolves to send a formal letter to the Physical Plant requesting immediate coordination for the removal of a dumpster near Subway and freshman dorms, Blount and Sevier Hall.

The third resolution resulted in debate between Senators Trenton Delane and Jonathan Bunton. If passed in the current form, a formal request will be sent to the Parking Committee to create residential parking for those students living in Greek Village. Senator Delane said this resolution is important to him because he is a member of Kappa Alpha Order and a resident in Greek Village.

“Students in Greek Village have come to me about it. For some reason, Greek Village is technically classified as off campus, although it is on campus pretty much,” he said.

He says the lot’s designation as commuter parking means when residents leave during the week, they have trouble with parking when they return.

“I agree that students living in Greek Village should be afforded the same rights as everyone else, at least with regard to parking.” Senator Bunton said.

He does not however think the current recommendation is specific enough.

Chief Justice Waqas Ahmed concurred on the senate floor and suggested the resolution be clarified to determine whether they are requesting residential parking passes, lot remapping solution.

Senator Delane reminded colleagues that it was not their job to debate logistics but did agree to bring a motion to table the resolution until a later date. The motion passed unanimously. Discussion is expected to resume next week on the issue.

Two new acts were introduced for a discussion in next week’s regular session.

Act 2 was introduced by Senator Gabriel Spring and would amend SGA’s constitution by creating three formal committees authorized to plan big events such as G.H.O.S.T. and Mudbowl.

The act will instruct fellow members to serve on at least one of the three committees. If passed, the legislation will complement SGA’s guiding documents which already require senators to attend every designated major event. Once approved by the legislative branch, it is required to be presented before SGA’s Tribunal for a vote prior to ratification.

Act 3 was introduced by freshman Senator Chantal Alequin and contains language that would remove a constitutional restriction preventing SGA Senators from applying for the sole spot on the University’s Board of Trustees as its non  voting Student Representative.

The legislation said since “it is ideal for this student to be seasoned in APSU business that Executive Council members, not student senators, should be the only SGA members restricted from applying.”

SGA formally meets every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in the Morgan University Center and is open to the public. More information about SGA can be found at