By: Steven Prescott

SGA completed its third meeting of the month on Oct. 18.

SGA’s Student Tribunal announced that it completed a monthly review of student appeals. These appeals range in nature from disciplinary to traffic offenses.

Chief Justice Waqas Ahmed told senators that 44 appeals were considered by the tribunal. There were 10 approved and 34 declined.

SGA President Frank Burns reminded senate members to review their schedules and find time to contribute to the voter registration drive.

Burns indicated that he is working with the State of Tennessee to put a social media campaign in place that will encourage public participation and spur engagement.

Senators were scheduled to discuss Act 3, presented by freshman senator Chantal Alequin.

Act 3 includes legislation that would make the sole, nonvoting Student Representative position on APSU’s Board of Trustees open to SGA senate members. The restriction was introduced into SGA’s Constitution by a previous senate over concerns that a conflict of interest might arise. The motion to table was passed until Senator Alequin was present to read it.

If the legislation is passed, its final approval would be determined by the Tribunal. It has been indicated that there should not be a problem with the constitutional amendment.

The Student Government Association formally meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Morgan University Center. Meetings are open to the public. More information about SGA can be found at