Long ago in a far off universe, before debt, responsibility and Netflix and chill, there were Disney movies and pizza parties. This week is an ode to that time, because college is tough and sometimes I just want to have a slumber party, eat junk food and watch Disney/Disney Channel original films. Netflix has an incredible array of Disney films to choose from, so I’m going to talk about my favorites, which are the best.



Though a lot of my favorite classics aren’t on Netflix, a few are. Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch and The Hunchback of Notre Dame are just a few that I have seen hundreds of times. Out of all of these movies though, I feel that The Hunchback of Notre Dame, inspired by the 1831 novel, is by far the most underappreciated. The animation in this film surpasses all other Disney films along with its soundtrack and original score. This movie is not only great as a child but also amazing as an adult, because when you re-watch it so many things make sense and the story falls into place a lot better. Plus, I was mildly obsessed with Esmeralda when I was little and wore that Halloween costume everywhere.

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For late 80’s -90’s kids, like myself, we were blessed with awe-inspiring, lesson-teaching, b-rated films produced by The Disney Channel. Unfortunately, my two favorites – Don’t Look Under The Bed and Halloween Town – AREN’T on Netflix, but others like High School Musical, Cadet Kelly and The Cheetah Girls are. When Cadet Kelly aired on The Disney Channel, my twin and I were the most excited. We had watched every episode of Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens, so when Hilary Duff teamed up with Christy Carlson Romano in a movie that was all about girl power, we couldn’t wait. I also cried like a baby when Christy Carlson Romano ripped Hillary Duff’s blanket in half, which was the most savage a Disney movie got for me.

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So if you want to take it back to the good ole days put on your favorite Netflix Disney film, buy a large pizza and a roll of cookie dough, invite your friends and feel the worries of adulthood fade away.