Greetings, fellow Netflix fans. This week I have a wide variety of shows and films for you to choose from. and two of them are Netflix originals. Netflix’s original content has come a long way in the past year. They are trying to compare themselves to the quality of HBO’s and Showtime’s original content. While this is extremely difficult to do, I feel that they are doing a great job so I am looking forward to the next Netflix original.

Before we get into the Netflix originals, let’s aim toward Halloween. You might have seen a trailer for the new horror movie, “The Visit.” If you haven’t, go check it out then come right back. “The Visit” is from M. Night Shyamalan. In the late 90’s, Shyamalan was able to captivate audiences in a way that was unlike any other. You could watch one of his movies and be guessing the whole time what was going to happen. Then, at the very end, there is always something you never expected. This would drive people to force their family and friends to watch his movies just to see the look on their face when they see the end. His last couple of movies have been flops, but if you haven’t seen the movies that made him famous they are well worth it. Those movies include “Signs”, “Unbreakable” and “The Sixth Sense.”


The Sixth Sense

“The Sixth Sense” is about a psychologist who is attacked by one of his delusional patients and then kills himself. After watching one of his patients kill themselves, he feels responsible and vows to help others with the same issue to make sure it won’t happen again. Oh, yeah, the issue is that they can see dead people. His next patient is a young boy who he builds a great relationship with. The film is amazing and it has a sort of twist that you hardly ever see any more. It doesn’t have any cheap scares in it like the campy horror films today; it goes for a set of chills that will leave your skin crawling.


Now that we have covered the “scary stuff” out of the way, let’s focus on those Netflix originals.



You might have scrolled past this one a few times and not give it a second look, because I did. It’s really hard to summarize what this show is all about, but that’s one of the main reasons I’ve grown to enjoy it. The basics of it are that a group of people from all around the world have somehow mentally linked. It is science fiction that is very gripping, and will have you binge watching to find out what the hell is going on. That’s what we all want anyway: something new to binge watch.



“Narcos” is Netflix’s newest original series about the 1980’s cocaine cartel run by Pablo Escobar. Unlike “Sense8” this show is very intense. It’s a very violent and serious topic, but somehow they managed to put the right amount of comedy into it.

They make extensive use of voiceovers, but I feel that gives it more of a documentary feel. By the time a couple of weeks go past, everyone will be talking about this one. Hurry up and start watching so you won’t be left out of the conversation.


That’s it for this week, Netflixers. Remember: less scrolling and more watching.