**The Rotten Peay is not to be taken seriously. Everything said is satire and is 100 percent guaranteed to be a joke.**

Time travelers have come back to the year 2016 to tell everyone the future is boring.

According to these time travelers, future scientists have found ways to conduct time traveling but still haven’t found the cure for cancer or other chronic diseases.

“The future is pretty much how it is in 2016,” one time traveler said. “Except there’s less polar bears, time travel is a reality and Selena Gomez is dead.”

Another time traveler said the only interesting time period is during the Jurassic Period.

“We didn’t even want to come to the year 2016,” the time traveler said. “We just had to make a pit stop. Dinosaurs are much cooler than people.”

Some politicians have reacted to reports by saying this is good news.

“Boring is good,” one politician said. “It means nothing horrible has happened.”

Others are devastated by news that reality is somehow not greater in a time other than the present.

“I was going to see Taylor Swift in concert next month,” one teenager said. “My life is not boring.”

The time travelers compared living in the future to watching grass grow, but claimed it’s not as boring as watching It’s A Wonderful Life, which is like watching paint dry.