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Brittney Sparn | The Monocle Editor-in-Chief

“I love nothing more than getting my hands in some clay and teaching others how to make things out of mud,” said former student Ashley Scriven.

In December 2011, Scriven and fellow former art student Monica Bernette bought the pottery studio Trenton Clayworks from Ken Shipley.

Shipley is a ceramics professor and Art Department chair at APSU, and Bernette and Scriven both graduated with art degrees in Shipley’s ceramics program.

Bernette and her husband Grant, who is stationed at Fort Campbell, live in Trenton, Ky., which she states is “the best place in the world.”

Scriven, originally from Crivitz, Wis., currently resides in Woodlawn, Tenn. with her husband Luke, daughter Evie and two dogs.

The pair wants to teach normal citizens how to use clay.

“We offer ceramics classes, both on the wheel and hand-building,” Scriven said. “We welcome people of all ages and have taught (people) from age 5 to 75 how to use the wheel. Basically, if it has to do with pottery, we do it,” Scriven said.

While their art has now become a business, Bernette and Scriven haven’t lost their love for the craft.

“I have a passion for ceramics and I love working, teaching, and selling pottery for a living,” Bernette said.

They offer classes to anyone who is willing and able to come.

Their classes are $30 for individuals, or $20 per person for larger groups.

Trenton Clayworks sells ceramic supplies and features a gallery of pottery.

There are also photographs for sale in their building.

You can visit their website for more information.