Spring break is among us, and for most college students that means beach time. While everyone else is legally sipping on fruity drinks and soaking up vitamin D by the shore, Netflix is always there to save you and be your best friend like the ones you have who left you for sunnier skies.

spring break 1

If you’re stuck in Clarksville with no plans for spring break, allow Netflix to bring spring break to you.

man-vs-food-adam-richman-and-logo  street

If you’re a foodie like me and spend your break contemplating various places to eat all over the world, then look no further than Man vs. Food and Street Food Around The World. Both shows follow two men on a discovery of a lifetime to find the best foods and the biggest challenges. Not only will you be salivating to watch more of these shows, but it might just spark an inner flame that sends you to mysterious restaurants you’ve never experienced.

STORM-SURFERS-THE-MOVIE          surfwise

Though all your friends will be away swimming in the ocean, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch other people swimming in the ocean, which is basically a perk because who likes to feel warm sand under their toes, smell the fresh salty sea air, or people watch and silently get pleasure from other people’s pain? A couple documentaries on Netflix, Storm Surfers and Surfwise, are promised to display enough sand and sun to brighten your spring break blues. Both documentaries follow the lives of surfers and their adventure on the waves. Storm Surfers focuses on two men who challenge Mother Nature and ride waves that many surfers wouldn’t dare. Surfwise follows the life of Dorian Paskowitz and his lifelong relationship with surfing. I know, for the most part, “documentary” is a word many don’t like to hear because it has been synonymous with boring. Give docs a chance though, because I promise you’ll be surprised with what you see, especially with these two films.

Sisterhood_of_the_traveling_pants crossroads beyond-the-lights-movie-poster-1


Lastly, I want to talk about three films that are primarily geared towards women: Crossroads, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and Beyond The Lights. All of these movies include beautiful scenery, romance and that feeling of adventure. Each movie follows girls on journeys of self-discovery while they learn valuable lessons along the way.

So, if you’re stuck in-doors during spring break, give these shows, docs and movies a watch and keep in mind that summer is only 3 months away.