So, Christmas is coming up, and everywhere you look you will find Christmas themed items. Netflix is no different; I think this year is the most I have ever seen them do for a holiday. There are countless Christmas films and, let’s face it, most of them are pretty bad. I pick some that were bad films, yes, but still enjoyable to watch. It’s that fine line where critics hate the movie but fans love it. A movie’s purpose is to entertain you, right? So if you all love it and us –  as critics – hate it, who really is wrong? Sorry, I started rambling: let’s get into it.


First is a film that was a big deal with my family every year. I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, this film is about a college kid who just wants to take his girlfriend on a tropical vacation over Christmas break. When his dad finds out about this, he bribes him with a car as long as he can make it home for dinner on Christmas Eve. After a string of events, he finds himself in the middle of the desert with a Santa suit glued to his body and has to figure out a way home. Overall a “cheesy” family Christmas movie but it has its moments.


Next: Ernest saves Christmas. Back in the 80’s and 90’s Jim Varney was a comedian who played in tons of movie as the same character. His name was Ernest. The Ernest films were really all about his slow-witted and annoying style. In this film, he is a cab driver in Miami driving around a burnt-out Santa looking for a replacement. If you have seen an Ernest film you know what to expect; if not, then it’s worth a watch.


Ok, next is Beethoven’s Christmas, starring Tom Arnold as the voice of Beethoven. I might be the first person to review this film but let’s try. The film is about Santa’s bag getting into the wrong hands, and a talking dog has to get it back for the elves. I can’t…sorry guys, it’s so bad. Let’s just move on, shall we?


Finally, I have a new special that hit Netflix today. A Very Murray Christmas starring the one and only Bill Murray. When his Christmas special goes wrong, it’s up to a hand full of other celebrities to help him out. People like George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock and Amy Poehlor, to name a few. It’s pretty funny, and is going to become one of my favorite holiday films.