The 2018 SGA election ended with a public ratification on Friday, April 6 in MUC 307. This year’s election saw 990 individual voters, the largest number of voters since 2016.

Chief Justice Waquas Ahmed named the winners of each electoral contest, starting with the new senators for each college.

Chloe Ellis and Mona Lane are the senators for the College of Arts and Letters. Natalie Castillo and Travis Housler are the senators for the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences. Heather Haun and Gabriel Spring are the senators for the College of Business.

Katie Goosetree and Keoshia Hudson are the senators for the College of Education, both elected by write-in votes. Alexandria Banta, Ana C Pla Rosario and Logan Turenske are the senators for the College of S.T.E.M.

The largest contest was for the sophomore class senator. Javtavious Dotson, Elijah McGhee and Stephon Jenkins won with over 400 votes each. The new junior senators are Jakob Bertoni, Diamond Brant and Jonathon Jeanis. William Cody, Dereka Jones and Jesus David Rivera Morales are the senior senators.

The executive positions were named last. Hailee Ann Crawford is the executive secretary and Trenton Delane is the vice president.

Courtney Covington was elected SGA president by a margin of 45 votes. Colin Crist was runner-up.

Covington said he is excited to be president in an interview shortly after the ratification.

“I’m just very overwhelmed. I doubted myself, but I came out on top. I’m ready to be a great leader for the students. I’m ready to just take over and do what’s right,” Covington said.

Covington said he has new ideas for APSU.

“I’m here to bring new ideas to the whole campus. You voted for me so I’m going to do all the things that I can do to make it a better campus for you guys,” Covington said. “I’m just very excited to like, see what the new year brings.”

Finally, Covington wanted to thank the people that voted for him.

“Thank you for everybody who voted for me. I’m going to hold up to everything I said I would do.”