From Tuesday, Sept. 10 to Thursday, Sept. 12, the SGA held its senator elections for five freshman seats and two graduate seats. Students could either cast their votes online or go to physical booths in the UC.

Eighteen freshman candidates were running and only five were to be accepted. There were 579 total votes. The winning freshman candidates were Olivia Bellar with 176 votes, Taylor Griffy with 144, Baylee Farrar with 193, Sam Hall with 170 and Tabitha Montague with 136.

Five graduate candidates were also running to be in the Senate. Only two seats were open for two senators. The winning candidates were John Dugger who won with 286 votes and Chris Tablack who won with 323 votes.

“This is my third term in SGA,” Chris Tablack, a corporate communications major, said. “Seeing the influence that SGA has over campus policies and changes all over campus keeps me wanting to be involved. I hope to be involved in any big issues and changes this year like I have been in the past.”

“I have high expectations for our senators: writing thought-provoking pieces of legislation, participating in debate and discussion on the issues brought before SGA, and being visible, positive influences on campus,” said Vice President Jessi Dillingham.