Have you ever lost a loved one to an alcohol-related accident? Have you ever been stuck trying to protect a drunk friend or family member with no idea how to do it? Do you want to show your support, but find most alcohol awareness programs boring and unhelpful?

Carrie Long and Byron Kennerly try to help with all of these problems and more in the shows they perform all over the world; on Wednesday, Sept. 7 they brought “A Shot of Reality” to APSU.

The show was concerned with both teaching students to be safe and making sure they have fun while they were there.

The show ran from 7 to 8 p.m in the Clement Auditorium. Kennerly and Long had audience members play games and interact with their show for prizes, enacting hypothetical situations to show how random and forgetful a person who has been drinking might be.

“It’s a realistic approach to college. The most important part of the show is the safety of the students and increasing their well-being.” Long said.

They did not tell the students whether or not to drink, instead focusing on safety tips to keep in mind in case they or someone close to them decided to drink.

Kennerly and Long have worked for fifteen years in improv comedy before “A Shot of Reality” and wanted to create an alcohol awareness group that was enjoyable for people to attend without the dark imagery, scare tactics and droning on about consequences.

“We wanted an alcohol awareness group that wasn’t boring. We’d tune out, wait until the clock ran out, and leave,” Kennerly said.

Their group is based in Los Angeles and Chicago, and their Improv Team, Mission Improvable, has performed in all 50 states and 10 different countries.

They are also known for their work on the pop trivia show called Nerdology, where individuals are quizzed on their knowledge of science, fiction and everything considered geeky.