On Wednesday October 21, 15 APSU organizations gathered on the intramural fields prepared to walk away champions at the Governator Competition.

The competition is held every homecoming, and Student Life and Engagement said they were particularly thrilled about this year’s.

“This year we saw the largest crowd that we ever have for the competition, and the participation was fantastic”, said coordinator Victor Felts.

Governator consists of four different challenges allowing two or more representatives from each division to compete. There were three divisions: Women’s, Men’s, and Co-Ed.

The first challenge “Last Gov Standing” was a weight competition, each participant held 15 pound weights for as long as they could then ran 10 feet away and back while holding them. The winner was determined by the longest holding time and fastest running time.

The second challenge was a Frisbee toss, the participants had to get a Frisbee as close as they could to a target on the field. Some Frisbees were far from it, one ended up in a tree on the other side of the fence, but each organization was supportive of their members and had a good time.

“I’ll Be Back”, the relay race, came next, this challenge included four participants from each organization doing a series of activities such as leap frog across the field and back. Like the Frisbee toss, this challenge brought much laughter and support from the observers.

The final and most thrilling challenge was “Gov Tug”, or tug of war. This challenge required many if not all members of each organization to pull their weight.

“I really liked seeing so many campus organizations come together for some fun and friendly competition”, said BCM President and participant Nora Zanot.

Pi Kappa Alpha took first place for the men’s division, Alpha Omicron Pi the women’s, and ROTC were the co-ed as well as overall first place winners.