While the SGA has organized events and legislation, campaign work has also proceeded.

Senator Brooklynn White has recently been working on two campaigns for civic engagement and mental health awareness.

White’s initiative, “Govs Write Govs,” is a letter-writing campaign to Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. The campaign encourages a dialogue between the campus and the governor.

“Many people express that they feel as though they are not being heard by the governor or are not sure how to reach him,” White said. “I wanted to create a more tangible way students could get their voices out there.”

In order to participate, students can pick up and drop off envelopes in the Student Affairs Office in M.U.C. 206 between Nov. 10 to Nov. 23.

Senator White also is working on “What I Wish My Professor Knew,” which is a campaign to focus on mental health and student success through an online platform.

Senator White formed the idea for the campaign due to the Peace of Mind Conference hosted by the SGA in late October.

“I suggested doing a campaign encouraging students, even anonymously, to share some things they wish their professors knew,” White said. “I think it could be impactful and could elicit greater responses than asking students to reach out to their professors personally.”

More information is in the works on Senator White’s campaign to promote mental health and wellness. While the letter-writing campaign is taking place this week, students can keep up with the SGA through social media, APSU’s website, and theallstate.org.