The business of giving advice is tricky. The adviser must have had enough trials and tribulations to be jaded, but also enough victories to be hopeful. Let’s say I’m a pro.

Let’s say you’re going through recruitment.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Here’s another Buzzfeed-worthy ‘listical’ of cute — but in the long run unhelpful — advice about sorority recruitment from a peppy, preppy sorority girl.


I’ve been a Potential New Member, a Recruitment Counselor and a recruiter for my own sorority. I’ve been around the block every way you could imagine, and I’m here to help you out.


You are you. So be that girl.

You are not your mother, sister, cousin, best friend from home or Lauren freakin’ Conrad. Therefore, don’t act like those girls. Just because a member of your family or someone you idolize was in a certain sorority doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you. This is a decision that will change your life, so choose for the girl you really are.

 Legally Blonde

Wash your hair.

Presentation. Presentation. Presentation. Maybe the real you eats granola, plays with squirrels and only showers once a week. That’s great for the environment, and more power to you, but let’s trade in the nature chic for a professional look during recruitment. Would you show up for an interview at a future job in sweats and nasty flip-flops? No? Ok then.


Prepare yourself.

You are about to enter a weekend of long, stressful and exhausting nights. I still have nightmares about walking up and down the stairs in the UC from party to party the year I went through recruitment. Your teeth, feet, neck, hands and brain with all be throbbing halfway through the night. Take a breath and make a mantra: “I am fabulous. Everything is fine. Only (insert number of parties left here) to go.”

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You were senior class president? Captain of the dance team? You’ve been to 15 different countries on mission trips? Let the girls know. Recruitment is a time where it is not only social acceptable to talk about yourself way too much, it’s encouraged. These are you future sisters. Wow them.

love me

Trust the system.

Recruitment is like falling in love. If they like you and you like them, it’s a magical “happily ever after” story. If you like them but they aren’t too hot about you, or vice versa, then it becomes a creepy, stalkerish relationship. If you trust the sorority gods and go through with good faith and an open heart and mind, you’ll be on your way to love in no time.

sex in city

Follow these steps and your recruitment experience will be a blast. You’ll get new friends and new sisters and have stories to tell for the rest of your life.

Hugs, kisses and all my best wishes.