Right now, there is still a low number of legislation within APSU’s Student Government Association and now, even the executive board has resorted to lying to get legislation written. I find it sad to think that our campus’ elected officials have to be tricked into doing the job they seemingly wanted.  

During my five years as a student at APSU I expected more from the supposed student elected officials. We voted for you all to represent us and yet I continue to see pointless or no legislation until the end of the semester.  

One major problem senators face is drafting legislation just to meet the requirement and not because they really want to make a change.  

Recognizing yes, we all are students, we all are busy and being in a position such as this can be draining. However, you wanted this position so act like it. You waste an entire semester on sitting in a meeting every Wednesday and wait until the last minute to draft legislation just to keep your position. 

Campus currently has several issues they could address. 

There are cultural centers located in what used to be closets and basement and now not able to fit the students using the facility.  

There is difficultly in accessing older buildings on campus for handicapped students. 

There is no residential parking for Harvill Hall. 

There could be better lighting in the Meacham Parking lot. 

There is much more that senators could be doing and students are seeing that it is not being done. 

There is something is wrong when students not even know about SGA until senators decide to run for office and shove campaign flyers in their faces in the MUC. And even after all the campaigning, less than 10 percent of students voted in this past election which leaves the other 90 percent of campus not knowing or honestly caring you exist. 

So, my charge to SGA is to take pride in what you do and recognize that students are watching you.  

As members of this senate, you need to care about the students of APSU more than just to gain their vote. You need to do things that are not just there to boost your resume or for the title. Because honestly, when you leave APSU, what can you say you have done to make a difference on this campus?