The Student Government Association’s 70th General Assembly passed a number of resolutions and acts during the fall semester that discussed campus safety, health and the overall well-being of students.

Resolution No. 8 was designed to update the university policy on skateboards on campus. Sen. Dominic Critchlow proposed this resolution after he researched the topic. After the resolution passed in the Senate, it was given to SGA President Will Roberts to present to the University Policy committee.

Meetings were held to discuss the logistics and wording of the resolution. It was eventually passed bu the University Policy committee, permitting the use of skateboards at APSU.

Roberts said this resolution benefits the students and is a product of Critchlow’s hard work.

“I think this is a good deal for students,” Roberts said. “I have had multiple people ask me about this in the past year and Critchlow diligently ironed through all the possible issues with various campus officials.”

Resolutions No. 6 and 7 were also passed in the Senate. Both have been sent on to the Physical Plant to be reviewed.

Resolution No. 6 discussed the repurposing of single occupant restrooms into gender-neutral restrooms.

“This allows more students to have a better level of comfort while not impeding on others’ comfort level,” Roberts said.

Resolution No. 7 would see hammock stations installed in the wooded area behind the Marks building.

Resolution No. 10, presented by Sen. Frank Burns was to donate unused meals to students that are in need. This resolution will be further discussed by SGA, Dining and the Center for Service Learning.

Roberts praised Burns and said the bill is “genius.”

“I look forward the most to working on this in the coming weeks to implement it soon,” Roberts said. “This is my favorite bill passed over the first semester, and it is the one that most directly helps students once implemented.”

With the national push for sexual assault awareness on college campuses, resolution No. 15 would create a sexual assault awareness presentation during freshman welcome, or Govs ROW.

With the extent of this bill and the desire to make it a part of Govs ROW next year, it will take longer to implement.

Because of the weather, SGA’s first meeting of the semester has been pushed to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27, in the Morgan University Center room 305.