Students prepare to tie dye shirts at Home Avenue, Wed. Feb. 22 Lucas Bales

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – This past Wednesday, the Community Engagement and Sustainability Club hosted a tie-dying event to raise awareness of what they describe as “fast fashion” and its related perils.

The event was hosted in the club’s cozy on-campus location, located at 322 Home Avenue, and doubling as home to the SOS Food Pantry.

For the unacquainted, the club’s president, Timmy Jacobs, describes fast fashion as “the disposable quick fashion” that has become popular in our modern society, including the likes of seasonal clothing that only remains popular for a year or two before being replaced by new fashion trends.

At the tie-dying event, attendees got to experience a presentation describing these issues in detail, something the club is eager to bring awareness to both across campus and in a broader narrative.

In the presentation specific consequences of fast fashion from ethical problems in sweatshops to environmental concerns regarding emissions and landfill build-up were discussed.

In order to rebel against these modern fashion trends, those who came to the event brought their own items of clothing. The club did not provide clothes, as they instead encouraged using thrifted items or items attendees made themselves.

While this was the first event the club has organized both using tie-dying and bringing light to fast fashion, Jacobs is eager to bring it back next year stating that “I think its a good vehicle. People like to tie dye things and it helps us raise awareness in the profile of fast fashion and how bad that is for the environment.”

As far as future events go, the Community Engagement and Sustainability club will be hosting alternative spring break trips, volunteer opportunities, and other fun events such as plant pot art and painting motivational rocks.