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I met up with Sysqo Williams right before the HCC event on the plaza. Williams asked me when the event started. From there, he was happy to do a short interview for the first edition of the Students of Austin Peay.

“I am a freshman here at APSU pursuing a criminal justice degree with a concentration in homeland security. I am thankful to be in the position I am today. My life has been full of ups and downs. One thing I have learned is to keep the faith alive. I try to find a positive in every situation, good or bad.

“I really appreciate all the support that Austin Peay has provided me thus far. College to me is not an option… I will be the first to graduate in my family. I want to provide my nieces with a childhood that I never had. I know that my future is bright and that I am in control. I have plans to become an intelligence research specialist working for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). I have held various positions in corporate America.

“I can honestly say that a bachelor’s degree is a necessity if you want to make a decent living. Within my next few years here at APSU, I look forward to joining a few organizations and continuing to serve the less fortunate.”