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Over the past year, I’ve definitely learned a lot. Although my time with The All State has been short, it has most definitely been a fun ride. I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to put together the newspaper on a weekly basis and truly deliver the news.

Working with TAS staff has taught me about the teamwork that goes into delivering news.

Along the ride, I’ve met some great people. Most of them have taught me something valuable along the way. Indeed, there were some people who simply tried to make my job harder, but in the long run, even those people taught me a valuable lesson: patience.

Working as sports editor has taught me how to maintain a leadership role in a fast-paced environment. It has taught me the value of accountability, as well as integrity.

Perhaps most importantly, working with TAS has helped to enhance my creativity and stay actively involved with the news going on around us.

I’ve come to find there’s a story in and around every one of us that’s dying to get out. It’s simply up to us to give voice to those stories.

As a photography major, I never envisioned myself working with a newspaper again, but since joining the staff, I can gladly say it’s been both a challenging and therapeutic experience.

If you’ve ever had any interest in working with TAS, I would suggest you to look into it. Get involved.

Find out what you can do to help deliver the news. The experiences and relationships you gain from working with APSU’s Student Publications is some of the most valuable time you’ll have spent at APSU.

To those of you who chose to read us and come to us for your news, I thank you. You are the ones we write for and spend countless hours on Mondays putting together each issue.

To every senior reading this, stand tall and don’t be discouraged by the job market. You’ve made it this far, so who’s to say you can’t pursue your passion?

Go out and truly search for your job. Be aggressive and don’t give up. TAS