The Student Government Association, the Pre-Professional Health Society and the American Red Cross held the annual blood drive from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m Wednesday, Feb. 8, and Thursday, Feb. 9, in the MUC Ballroom.

The event was sponsored by SGA and coordinated by SGA Executive Secretary Blaine Gundersen.

According to Gundersen, around 45 to 55 students signed up to donate blood.

On Wednesday, the organizations went over their goal of 32 donations by reaching 38.

The following day, they reached the same goal.

The PPHS helped with the event by sending volunteers and coordinating with the American Red Cross.

“I did all the social media promoting for the event,” Gundersen said. “I contacted Caroline Petty who is with the Red Cross. I also scheduled what days and times would work best.”

According to Gundersen there is an emergency need for blood and SGA encouraged students to come and donate blood.

“We really want people to come out and donate blood,” said Gundersen.

One student who was encouraged to donate blood was freshman nursing major Seth Martin. Martin’s blood type is the most common and is in high demand.

“I always donate blood. The Red Cross called me and said there was an O Positive shortage and that I needed to donate blood,” Martin said.

At the end of the drive, according to Gundersen, they were able to gain enough blood to save over 200 lives.

“Everyone’s donation was  absolutely vital for this emergency blood appeal that the American Red Cross is going through right now,” Gundersen said.