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The National Weather Service has indicated we will likely experience severe weather throughout the day today, with the potential for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

While we are in the last day of midterms, student safety is our priority. If a tornado warning should occur, please move to a shelter area within the building. While these situations may disrupt exams, lectures and other planned activities, please remember those issues can be resolved after the unexpected danger passes.

Actions you should take in the event of a tornado warning:
Shelter in place – Find a wall near the interior of the building away from windows and exterior doors, preferably on the lowest level of the building. Curl up in a “ball” or fetal position near the wall, place your hands over your head and remain in the position until severe weather passes.

DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING OR INITIATE A BUILDING EVACUATION DURING THESE CIRCUMSTANCES. When severe weather strikes, power may be disrupted causing alarms to sound. If fire is not immediately present and a clear exit is maintained, you should remain until the weather passes.

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