Over 4,000 alumni and community members flocked to APSU’s campus to take part in the numerous events hosted by student organizations and the Office of Alumni Relations.

Rylan Kean, Special Events Coordinator for the Office of Alumni Relations was one of the many people in charge of making these events happen for APSU’s prestigious alumni.

“Our office is responsible for many different events during Homecoming, which range from reunions to community engagement,” Kean said. “It is our opportunity to bring back the great alumni of APSU and connect them to the university.”

An important part of the weekend was the 2015 Alumni Awards Lunch.

APSU invited back some of their top alumnus to receive an award based on what they have accomplished after graduation.

The awards included; two Outstanding Service Awards, two Outstanding Young Alumnus/Alumna Awards and two Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Awards. Maggie Kulback (’77) an Outstanding Service Award recipient served as SGA President and elected First Lady of APSU.

Maggie and her husband, who she met at APSU, also gave a generous donation to the 2010 Legacy Capital Campaign and in turn, the atrium in the Maynard Mathematics and Computer Science was named after them.

Maggie spoke of a past Dean of Women APSU named Mildred Deason.

“When I think of APSU, I think of all the great people and the wonderful memories I had,” Deason said. “That is what I wish for everybody that ever comes to this university. When they leave, I wish that they’ll flow with memories and great people and wonderful events that happen to them.”

Michael Wall (’00) an Outstanding Young Alumnus Award recipient served as SGA President while at APSU and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor of science degree in political science.

He was the reason APSU has banners on all of the light posts surrounding the school.

“APSU is such a wonderful place,” Wall said. “It’s full of love and success and it’s also full of opportunities. When you go to a big campus you can become a number and here you are not that. Here you are a person.”

Among the other winners were, Mike O’Malley, Chad Kimmel (’02), Fred Landiss (’69) and Dr. Joe Green (’70).

“Taking one weekend to specially honor and invite back our thousands of alumni across the world to return to campus is a revered tradition,” Kean said. “Each person’s story about why APSU is “home” is something that can never be measured and is the ultimate reason why homecoming is important.”