It was proposed on March 14 and approved unanimously a day later that housing costs for all residents will change in the coming year.

“APSU housing is considered an auxiliary unit,”Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of Housing Joe Mills said. “This means we are self supported and receive no funds from APSU or the State of TN.  Tuition dollars do not support housing operations.”

This call for change was brought about when Housing was faced with vacancies in annex rooms in Blount and Harvill, according to Mills.

While some prices are going down, others are going up.

Double occupancy rates will increase while single occupancy rates will decrease. The highest increase is expected to round out at $150.

Mills explained the reasons behind these changed prices in double occupancy.

“Reasons include increase in utilities, custodial contract increase and increase in renovation fund to complete improvement projects.”

Dormitories like Sevier, Blount and Harvill and the apartments in Meacham and Two Rivers will see doubles increase from $2,900 to $3,040 and single will decrease from $4,140 to $3,800. Castle Heights, Erikson and Governor’s Terrace’s North and South doubles will increase $3,450 to $3,600 and singles will decrease from $5,100 to $4,500. Hand Village has a single change in that all rates will increase from $3,550 to $3,700.

The price changes to single occupancy housing were introduced in hopes to fill the previously mentioned vacancies.

Additionally, the funding will go to future projects.

“We have many projects planned for this summer,” Mills said. “Some of them include new HVAC in Harvill, continuing to renovate upperclass apts at Emerald Hill, new desks and chests for Sevier Hall, new bathroom floors in Blount, Harvill and Sevier, window replacements at Emerald Hill, new flooring in Meacham, replacement of carpet in hallways of Castle Heights and painting apts at Hand Village are to name a few.”

Editor’s Note: Revisions have been made to this story on March 22 and 24 due to errors in some of the information about the housing changes. This version, is the official updated story with revisions added in.