On Tuesday Jan. 17, students of Austin Peay stepped into the spring semester for the 2023 school year. As classes are finalized and books are bought, some questions are raised from first years. Seniors offer some meaningful advice to soothe some anxiety.

“Always try your best. I know classes will be hard, but you got to believe in yourself and believe that you can do it! Be positive and stay healthy,” said Morgan Pittenger, senior, and general studies major.

Part of being a good student is keeping your mind and body healthy. Places such as the Foy and counseling services at the Ard Building make it possible for APSU students to keep themselves in shape both mentally and physically.

However, that isn’t to say academics aren’t important. When students first join APSU they are required to take a course known as APSU 1000. This course highlights the basics of campus life and more; such as helpful apps that students should download.

“Biggest advice for freshman, download Pulse,” said Justin Duncan, senior, computer information technology: networking major.

Brightspace Pulse or as many students call it Pulse, is created by the D2L Corporation. The app allows students to view things such as course calendars, readings, assignments, evaluations, grades, and news. Notifications are simple and efficient. The app can be found in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Another tip for students is to talk to their advisor. An advisor is assigned to each student throughout the semester and depending on ones year. Keeping in touch with them can make or break a semester.

“Talk to your advisors. Talking to them and figuring out if you want to be in the field because a lot of times you think that you want to, and you don’t take into account what jobs actually are available using that degree,” said Kali Davis, senior, marketing major.

In addition to apps and shortcuts, here are some important dates first-year students should keep in mind for the following Spring Semester:

For Clarksville Campus or the Main Campus:

Academic events include: Study Day on April 27 for the full semester and final exams on April 28-May 4.

Closure or no class days include: spring break March 4-12 and spring holiday on April 7.

More important dates such as add/drop class dates can be found in APSU’s Academic Calendar and, as always, be sure to check your Onestop for any information such as Jobs for Govs, weekly newsletters, school closures, and important emails from your professors.