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The Clarksville water treatment plant was unexpectedly shut down last night due construction upgrade work at the plant. The temporary shut-down resulted in critically low water storage tank levels in the system. Many areas of Clarksville are without water service and some areas are experiencing low water pressure.

Currently the water plant is pumping water to the distribution system and the public should begin to experience an increase in pressure and flow as the day progresses. However, it will take 24-48 hours for the water storage tanks to fill to normal capacity. During this time Clarksville Gas and Water asks residents to please conserve water by minimizing unnecessary water usage until tanks fill to normal levels.

Industrial and business customers are asked to restrict water usage until further notice. The department especially requests that local car wash business owners shut down until water levels can be restored.

Updates will be forthcoming as progress with the water storage capacity is available. Updates will also be posted to the Clarksville Gas and Water website, www.clarksvillegw.com.

The department asks the community for their patience, cooperation and understanding during this time.