Farewells are best said surrounded by food. New freshmen and their families were able to attend a family barbecue in the Red Barn from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The dinner was one more chance for freshmen and their families to spend time together before the semester begins.

Freshmen had different perspectives on what excitements were to come from becoming a Gov. There were answers from being away from home to one intriguing class brewing freshmen curiosity.

“I am mostly excited to be away from home and out on my own. I think that is the best part,” freshman Spanish major Branton Wallace said. “For organizations, I am kind of interested in looking into a fraternity and excited for the gatherings.”

There are many new experiences tied to being a freshman, and gathering at events like the barbecue can be one of those experiences. Organizations set up to recruit while attendees waited on food. The Foy Fitness Center had a table along with Student Affairs, and people would walk the line of booths before or after eating.

With all these organizations around, freshmen have a lot to think as they find hobbies or an anticipate a class.

“I am definitely excited for my physics class. It is my passion and I am hoping to get to know my roommate some more. Maybe we will be able to go to these kinds of events together,” freshman physics major Jasper Wronko said. Wronko also said she is hoping to get involved with theater and get out of the awkwardness of first meeting a roommate.

With free shirts, pens and food available at the family barbecue, crowds of families, friends and individual freshmen gathered. The Red Barn was full of guests, new Govs, sororities and fraternities helping to give out food, along with dining service staff members. Chips and barbecue sandwiches were the main dish, and cookies were available for dessert.

“The dance program is something I am looking forward to. There are not any organizations I have picked yet, but I do plan to attend more events like this in the future,” freshman health major Clinton Asamoah Collin said.

The freshmen had a chance to see what is available on campus at APSU while at the barbecue. There were also multiple other freshmen around for socializing with. The barbecue gives reasons for meet ups and introductions.

“I am not sure if joining a sorority is for me but, looking at the booth, I am interested in checking out the paper,” freshman undecided major Lauren Bullington said. “I love writing short stories and writing in general, so I am so glad my parents pointed me over to
The All State’s booth. I am definitely thinking of checking it out.”

Bullington said she was looking forward to the opportunities on campus to get involved.

“There are a lot of events to attend, and I am hoping to make friends at them. I am really excited to see all the stuff Greek life does this week, even if I do not join the Greeks myself,” Bullington said.

New students also discussed living away from their parents’ lifestyles. Some parents were saying goodbye to their children possibly until Fall Break after this gathering.

“The new place and meeting new friends is the most fun. I am hoping to make new friends, meet and get to know my roommate and enjoy the year,” freshman finance major Morgan Madon said. She also said she was not excited for any particular class but she was for all the new settings.

At the Family Barbecue new freshmen got a taste of good food and available sources and organizations at APSU. There was time to enjoy a dinner with those whose family were with them or even a sit-down with friends. Freshmen mentioned being excited for all sorts of things in the coming year as classes and organizations get ready to meet them.