APSU extra-curricular activities offer an opportunity for students to express their interests and share their lifestyles with other students, they also provide students with a community.

On Tuesday, January 24, APSU’s Generation of Disciples hosted a game night to kick off their first meeting of the semester and get to know their new members.

The members got a free meal and a fun evening filled with team and board games as they reconnected after the break or got to know other members.

Generation of Disciples (G.O.D), is a gospel choir group at APSU. The group practices on campus every week and is open to all students. For some, the group is like a taste of home and for others it’s a way to practice their faith. According to their Facebook page, the groups mission statement includes, “inspire, evangelize and enlighten every person that is ministered unto by showing them the love of Jesus through music.”

“Students get involved because they are away from home, and this is a great place for them to have community and sing some gospel music at the same time,” senior social work major Trinity Jackson said.

G.O.D travels to churches around Tennessee. In Clarksville they have visited Liberty Church, Greater Saint James Church and the Dominion Worship Center.

The group has also traveled to churches in Chattanooga, Nashville and Memphis. In addition to churches, G.O.D. travels to other Tennessee universities and performs with their gospel choirs.

“We travel around praising the Lord and it’s a great community to be a part of,” former criminal justice student Tieranee Gordan said.

G.O.D also participates in Black History Month and puts on various performances on campus with guest singers. Every performance gives them a chance to express their faith and spread their happiness while doing what they enjoy.