Halloween is a holiday full of scares. For parents who are nervous about their child’s safety during this time, GHOST was there to keep the children happy.

Despite the day-long drizzle, a multitude of organizations from APSU set up tables in a circle in the Governor’s Stadium on Sunday afternoon, giving out candy and providing games and other activities to the eager children.

The event was hosted by SGA, in an attempt to provide a safe alternative to trick-or-treating. Thousands of kids from the Clarksville community came to APSU with their costumes in full swing, providing a sense of enjoyment for kids who might otherwise be nervous about going out to collect candy the traditional way, and people flooded the stadium as the day continued.

Organizations with ables at the event included SGA itself, as well as several fraternities and sororities. Teachers of APSU 1000 classes also encouraged their students to participate in GHOST, funding and organizing a table for the event.

While it was hard to determine the exact number of kids and their families, it was hard to deny the enthusiastic expressions on the childrens’ faces that evening, and though the event itself only lasted from four to seven p.m., many children will likely remember the kindness of the many volunteers who took time out of their Sunday to provide a safe environment for them to just be children.