Valentine’s Day, a day of love and heart-shaped decorations, happens once a year, and if it catches you at a time where you are single you find yourself scrambling to find that perfect someone to share it with.

Valentine’s Day originally started as a Roman festival that marked the beginning of spring time. How did this turn into the “Hallmark Holiday” everyone knows.

This is a holiday that is understood and spread around the masses with no certain starting point and with no known advertising to a certain group of people. You see kids in grade school walk around the halls with their bags of cards that their peers made, and you see adults with big stuffed animals and roses on this day of love.

It is nice to have a day to show your appreciation to someone, but why should loving someone openly be held to only one day? Everyone finds it so easy to buy roses for a loved one when they have a reason to do so, but why not buy them roses on Tuesday after work because you were thinking of them?

These are the problems that stand in the way of people truly enjoying this love-filled day.

You walk around all 364 days of the year to show emotion toward the people that you are supposed to care for and love, yet this one day you jump at the occasion to buy a 50-dollar stuffed animal.

Companies are using this day to sell overpriced ideas to those of the hopeless romantics looking to instill a sense of romance into their everyday lives. In itself, that desire is not a bad thing, but the effort should not stop there.

Spoiling your partner is only seen as acceptable on this day in the eyes of the companies that are selling cholate covered strawberries and Valentine’s cards the size of your head.