Getting through the day can be tough without something kicking a body into overdrive. On campus, this can be summed up in one word: coffee.

Coffee is a common drink consumed throughout America. It is a part of culture to drink caffeine to get a day going. According to, 100 million Americans drink coffee daily.

“Coffee gets me started in my mornings, especially for my 8 a.m classes.  It is a bit of a guilty pleasure, and I like to drink Starbucks a lot,” freshman musical performance major Jakobie Kindle said.  “Extra caramel with whipped cream is probably way too much sugar but it wakes me up in the morning,” he said.

There are routines created revolving around using coffee for late night study sessions, long work hours. A preference to the taste. On campus and nearby, there are multiple locations to grab the caffeinated drink from. Some students say they prefer Einsteins, while others prefer Starbucks. In downtown Clarksville there are even cafes found with coffee, like Plumb Line.

“I drink coffee at least once a week and I usually grab the salted mocha frappe from Starbucks. Einsteins is great but I tend to go to Starbucks,” sophomore biology major Cheyenne Bartley said.

Even visitors on campus pop into Einsteins and Starbucks to buy a drink of choice; there are many options that stray from the traditional black coffee.

“My coffee is always black, and I think it pretty much saves my day,” visitor on campus Jabe Mars said.

With finals and the stress of daily class schedules, a variety of students are seen carrying some form of coffee around campus. It adds sugar to the body and wakes it up, creating energy.

“What college student does not love coffee? You stay up late working on homework, or have to get up early and it fits with that,” sophomore elementary education major Candace Neese said. “I am always in Starbucks in the mornings and then later in the evening, like a routine,” she said.

Coffee provides rushes of energy and causes lines spurring in multiple locations all around the U.S. It is very popular and sees a lot on campuses. There is something about it that has pushed it into the culture of the world.