Valentine’s day can be a trying holiday for those of us living the bachelor or bachelorette lifestyle. Here are ways to show yourself some love this Valentines day. Graphic by Ricky Birchfield | THE ALL STATE

Whether you’re happy, upset or indifferent about being single, Valentine’s Day is decidedly a holiday for the couples. It’s easy to get caught up with what we don’t have and feel like we’re missing out. To change that I have composed a short, but hopefully not entirely useless, list of things to do for Valentine’s Day when you’re single. Get some friends together or embrace the loneliness and do them by yourself.

1 – Spa day at home
Prepare by setting up a comfy corner to relax in and get some food and snacks ready. Why not make a fruit platter or order a pizza? It doesn’t have to be fancy unless you want it to be. Take an everything shower, put on a facemask, paint your nails and sit down with a movie, book, podcast, voodoo doll – whatever makes you feel relaxed.

2 – Have a nice dinner
Cook, order in, go to your favorite restaurant – follow your heart (or stomach) and do what makes you happy. Actually set the table and add some nice napkins and decorations to make it more festive – hearts or skulls, it’s up to you.

3 – Movie marathon
You can make this as unromantic as you want. If you want romance, check out Destiny James’ Top 10 Best Romcoms Of All Time. If, however, you’re more in the mood for death and/or destruction, here are some personal favorites:

  • Knives Out (2019)
    Murder mystery/comedy – No romance, but also not that much death.

  • The Bourne Identity (2002)
    Action – Does have some romance, but more people die than fall in love.

  • The Invisible Man (2020)
    Sci-fi/thriller – This will make you question if you should ever get into a relationship or if it’s healthier to just not.

  • Ready Or Not (2019)
    Horror/comedy – Does have a wedding, but will make you realize you’re better off without in-laws.

4 – Go to the movies
If you don’t feel like staying in, grab some friends and head to the cinema. Or go by yourself – who knows, you might actually enjoy being able to watch the whole thing without someone whispering in your ear. By the time the movie is over you will be too busy picking popcorn from between your teeth to remember you went alone, anyway.

5 – Dance the night away
Turn your favorite music to the max (or don’t, please think of your neighbors) and have the time of your life. Stay in or go out, it doesn’t matter. You’re single, you can do whatever you want.