Exams are finally over meaning it’s time to ditch the books and hit the road for summer.

Most college students would opt to stay in front of the TV and let the time pass by. All I can say is, enjoy it now while you can but remember to get outside and try something new too.

Expert tip: Print this guide out and leave it near the remote control.

10 ways to spend your summer break

No. 1 Prepare To Get “Booked” For The Summer Heat

For all the lovely readers, this is your time to tackle the list of books you’ve wanted to read, and it is also the time to read all the books you’ve collected for the past few months and enjoy an accessible adventure that literature has provided. After all, books are free from the Felix G. Woodward or the Clarksville-Montgomery library for you to borrow.

No. 2 Let Nature Be Your Guide

For those staying locally in Tennessee, go hit the trails and enjoy what nature offers. Visit the Great Smoky Mountains, hike Lookout Mountain, kayak the stream of the Cumberland River, explore Dunbar Cave, or travel far. If you are down for a road trip it is only a seven hour drive to enjoy the white sand beaches of Pensacola.

No. 3 Bibidi Bobbidi Booze.

Are you turning 21 this summer? There is nothing as smooth as Tennessee whiskey or the perfect color brown as Bourbon. Some ways to enjoy this is to hit the whiskey tours of Tennessee or the bourbon trails in Kentucky. This way you can kill three birds with one stone, enjoy booze, learn some history, and collect some prizes along the way. Of course, always remember to drink responsibly.

No. 4 Volunteer

There are many opportunities to give back to the community. A few ways to volunteer are through your local churches, schools, libraries, and the hospital. For more information, visit VolunteerMatch.org to find volunteer opportunities near you.

No. 5 Go To The Gym

It’s still possible to achieve your summer body goals. A few ways to do some physical exercises are to take advantage of the Foy Center, which is open to students for the summer, or jog along the trail of the beautiful Clarksville Greenway.

No. 6 A Hobby A Day Keeps The Doldrum Away

Learn new hobbies such as sports, art, crafts, or baking. A few ways to enjoy learning a new hobby are to learn from sites such as YouTube or take arts and crafts classes at our local Artlink located in downtown Clarksville.

No. 7 Create Memories With Your Family

If you’ve been busy with school work or living away from loved ones, this summer is your time to spend quality time with your family. So build a bonfire in the backyard and enjoy a few s’mores, create a backyard movie theater and watch a few good classics that everyone could enjoy.

No. 8 Dollar, Dollar Bills

Have a yard sale; you can sell unused or outgrown items and make a little extra cash.

No. 9 Become Like Indiana Jones

Be a treasure hunter, except without the gold and the danger. Geocache treasures are located all around us; if you like the thrill of solving puzzles or finding little treasure items, you can easily find close locations on an app called Geocaching. Remember to bring something to exchange the found treasure, a pen for signing your name and keep the site a secret for other hunters to find.

No. 10 Follow And Share

End your vacation by sharing your summer adventures by following us on our social media platforms and using #agovsummer2023