Blue light tower, near Hand Village and The Quad. Photo by Chalise Miller | The All State.

March 27 was yet another day of American tears due to gun violence.

As the Republicans and Democrats continue to throw stones at one another, America continues to mourn, wondering when will true leadership put a stop to the endless murders and innocent blood being shed.

People tend to turn the other way when senseless violence occurs because it is not their family, therefore it is not their problem.

March 27 however, was a different day that staff, faculty, and students would never forget.

This day, a mass shooting occurred at The Covenant School in Nashville where three children and three adults were murdered.

Students travel to Nashville to go to the airport, the mall, and Broadway to have fun, never in a million years would people rush to Nashville in fear for their loved ones’ lives.

The main question students are wondering would be, what steps does Austin Peay have in place if a situation like this were to occur?

Dr. Lyle-Gonga, chairman of the political science department, expressed that the mass shooting should be a main concern for Austin Peay. 

“This was too close to home, and we have a public campus. The Nashville shooting affects all of the APSU community,” she said. 

Students also express their concern for the fear of the unknown. 

“What if staff had children going to that school? What if that happens to our campus, what will the police do? Where will students hide? The way I see it, students have to wait for a tragedy to happen before there is an initiative taken to prevent the chaos,” said Lashadia Connor, a senior art major. 

According to Austin Peay’s emergency notifications systems web page there are three types of emergency notifications including: RAVE Guardian, Alertus Desktop, and outdoor sirens. 

The page can be found here:

Outdoor sirens may also be utilized for a Shelter In Place alert or in the event of a mass evacuation.

There will also be an “All Clear” siren issued for these types of events.

The question is ‘Will this be enough?’