SGA meeting attendees were given a preview of the upcoming APSU OneStop redesign. SGA members were able to ask questions about the new design of the APSU directory site and witness the new functionalities.

ERP Systems Administrator Austin Siders focused on the new mobile capabilities of the site. Siders said smartphones were not a thing when the original OneStop was created.

“Things have changed,” Siders said. “You need to be able to navigate things with your thumb.”

The new design is dynamic with mobile platforms and scales to your device as well as the intensity of magnification on your smartphone.

Siders estimated the new OneStop page will be released by the end of March.

Tribunal Justice Jacob Robertson was the second guest speaker of the SGA meeting, providing further information on the eclipse event on campus Aug. 21. Robertson said The College of Science and Mathematics is enlisting volunteers to provide information during the event, hand out safety glasses to those attending. Volunteers are required to attend two instructive sessions for the event. The first training session for volunteers will be at 6 p.m on March 14 in the Sundquist Building E118. Food will be provided.

In accordance with legislation passed by SGA last semester, President Ryan Honea asked for a vote of approval from senators in order to fund The Big Event. Funding in the amount of $8,000 was allocated for The Big Event with only two senators voting against.

“I totally trust Ryan’s ability to smartly allocate money,” Sen. Colin Crist said. “There is no question here.”

Sen. Frank Burns reintroduced his long-gestating Res. No. 27, which requests land on campus for National Pan-Hellenic Council monuments. The NPHC is a coordinating body for nine historically African-American sororities and fraternities.

Sen. Eric Powell officially introduced his legislation, Res. No. 28, which would require the first 15 minutes of every SGA meeting to be set aside for reading and discussion of U.S./Tennessee “founding documents,” the legislation reads. The resolution was authored in coordination with student Greg Castleberry, who spoke at the previous SGA meeting voicing his concerns about how senators had voted on bills regarding firearms in the Tennessee Legislature.

SGA meets at 5 p.m. every Wednesday in MUC 307.