Gearin’ Up for Home Game

TGIF! I hope everyone’s having a good week! Tomorrow, we have our first home game for the 2018 Football Season! Here is what the weather will look like for this weekend and early next week! It is looking a bit dreary, but it is a bit cooler for now.

(NWS Nashville)

Today- Partly sunny, 40% chance of afternoon shower and thunderstorm, Hi-88

Tonight- Mostly cloudy, 40% chance of shower and thunderstorm, Lo- 71

Saturday- Cloudy, afternoon shower and thunderstorm likely (60% chance), Hi-84

Saturday night (Football Game!)- Cloudy, shower likely (60% chance), Lo- 71

Sunday- Cloudy, shower and thunderstorm likely (70% chance), Hi-78

Sunday night- Cloudy, shower and thunderstorm likely (60% chance), Lo- 66

Monday- Mostly cloudy, 20% chance of shower and thunderstorm, Hi- 78

Monday night- Mostly cloudy, 20% chance of shower and thunderstorm, Lo- 63

Weather in the News

For real, Florence did WHAT?!

Earlier this week, I have mentioned then Tropical Storm Florence. Guess what? Out of the blue, Florence became the first major hurricane of 2018 Atlantic season Wednesday night. I actually read the article again to make sure my eyes were not tricking me! The models did not see that coming.  As of the posting, Florence is a tropical storm out in Atlantic. It had weakened drastically, thanks to strong wind shear and dry air, but it would strengthen again according to the models… maybe more drastically than what the models predict. Understandably, the folks on the East Coast would probably start sweating bullets because the possibility of Florence impacting the East Coast is very real. However, it is still unknown whether Hurricane Florence will make a landfall and where it would strike. Perhaps, we need to wait a few days to see if people start packing their bags and evacuate or just spray paint “GO AWAY FLORENCE!” (It seems that people do it for almost every hurricane that makes landfall).

Again?! Japan needs a break, already!

Another weather in the news is poor Japan getting beaten up by various forces of nature. Let me go through the list of the assailants:

  • Flooding
  • Heatwave
  • Typhoon Jebi
  • 6.1 magnitude earthquake that happened yesterday

Four major disaster in a couple of months?! Well, one major disaster is too much for reasons: economical impacts, human cost, and strain on resources. I have a few articles if you are interested in seeing how Japan was clobbered in past couple of months.

Poor Japan can’t catch a break!


Reminder: There is a storm spotting class with WKRN Weather Roadshow here on campus scheduled for Wednesday, September 26. Also, there are online spotter classes scheduled for this fall. For more information:

I am a trained NWS storm spotter, and this blog is meant to be informative of the weather for the next few days. It is also meant to have light humor for some commentary on the weather of the day.