While it is a common practice to use the New Year as an excuse to overindulge in booze and fireworks, some use it to improve their lives through New Year’s resolutions.

Many focus on celebrating the New Year with friends and family. They reminisce on the previous year and hope for improvement in the year to come. Around the time the ball drops, many people around the world think to themselves: What can I do differently this year to improve myself? That moment is when New Year’s resolutions are made. They come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a goal, a promise, or an overall spiritual guidance.

New Year’s resolutions often come with some questions, though. How long into the New Year will it last? Are the goals being set actually realistic? Is this the resolution I failed to complete last year?According to Statistic Brain, around 46 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The top three resolutions are losing weight, organizing more and spending less. Out of the 46 percent of people who set goals, 75 percent make it through the first week. Forty-six percent of that 46 percent only make it to the six-month mark.

If Americans would slow down and take the time to evaluate their resolutions, resolutions would be easier to accomplish.“Though my resolution is kind of clichéd, I really want to live a healthier lifestyle, and get into shape,” said senior HHP major Maria Mazzio. “My wedding is motivating me and I want to feel good about myself again. I miss feeling confident.” Mazzio’s resolution is a great example of how to construct an attainable goal. There are no promises, but there are hopes and wishes for self-improvement with a timeline. Using specific events throughout the year as a guideline is a great way to accomplish an annual resolution.

Being mentally and emotionally in tune with yourself will help in grabbing the resolution by the horns and reaching that goal. The most important thing about resolutions is realizing the problem spots in life and wanting to improve them. Self-realization is the key to all New Year’s resolutions.