As you know, Wednesday was October 21st, 2015. For all of us, it was just a normal day. We got out of bed, we went to class, and we just did our usual routines. However on this day, we were finally at a point in time to which Marty McFly travels in Back to the Future II.

The future he finds is absolutely remarkable. The world that was imagined by writer Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis strikes some resemblance to what 2015 actually is like in its own odd way. Here are some things that Back to the Future II predicted and how they got them right.

The movie depicts that everything will be running through computer systems. While gas stations are computerized and some military operations use drones, we do not have everything that they thought we would. I mean come on, a remote controlled dog walker, where is that?!

The scanning of eyes and fingerprints are used today just like they were in the film. However, they thought we would have a fingerprint scanner to let us in our homes. Nope, I am still using the good old key and doorknob.

While the clothing ideas that Bob Gale imagined are pretty cool and some pretty odd, none of these have occurred. It’s kind of a relief we haven’t had the double tie become a fad. However, I am quite sad that they haven’t invented the self-drying jacket yet. We all need that.

They kind of got this one right. While the glasses Marty wears are not as fashionable as Google Glass, they still have the same capabilities and that’s cool.

Flying Cars
While flying cars do exist, we are not seeing them fly around everywhere and that kind of upsets me. When I watched the movie, I thought that flying cars would definitely be a thing of 2015, but I was wrong. We are still using vehicles that remain on the ground. What a bummer.

Hover boards
Ever since the film released, hover boards have been in great demand. Up until now, they have not been in existence. A company called Hendo is working with professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk, on a prototype. Hopefully within the next ten years we will finally have our first hover board.

The way that pizza is cooked in this film is the typical college student’s dream. All Marty’s mother did was slide the pizza into a dehydrator for a couple of seconds and then, bam, freshly cooked pizza. Oh, how we all long for that.

Self-tying Shoelaces
Oh those shoelaces. If you are a Back to the Future II fan, then you know all about these shoes. All Marty had to do was slip his feet into the shoes and then the shoes would tie themselves. This would be perfect for all of us who feel too lazy to even tie our shoes sometimes. Although, in 2011, Nike tried to cater the demands of fans with the Nike Mag Air, which looked like McFly’s shoes from the film, but elastic resided where the power laces should have been.

Oh, how sweet of a victory this one was. Flat screen tv’s were everywhere in this movie. Every corner you turned and inside every household, someone was watching tv on their flat screen. Good job Back to the Future II.

Video Callers
While Gale could not predict the future of the internet, he came pretty close as to guessing what would happen when Marty could make video calls. In the film, the name, hobbies, and food preferences of the person you were video chatting with rolled along the bottom of the screen. Now we just have social media and that stuff is blasted everywhere.

I would say that if Marty McFly were to have been blasted into October 21st, 2015, he might have been disappointed in how the world actually is, but then again, who can really be disappointed in time travel. Maybe within the next 10 years Marty, we’ll see.